More than ever, global challenges — from climate to inequality — are intensely interconnected. The need for global responses and international collaborations is significant. Forward Fest 2024 brings together as many voices as possible under the theme "intertwined". Only together we can collectively unravel the knots of our time.

About Forward Fest 2024

Forward Fest 2024 is more than an event; it is a platform for our sector to make itself visible as an innovative force that looks forward.


Forward Fest 2024 aims to profile our sector as a forward-thinking force that does not shy away from difficult questions. The event offers a platform to showcase how we look ahead and innovate in the face of global challenges.


Future-Oriented Action

We aim to inspire and motivate participants to take a future-oriented approach. Both the content and the encounters during the event are designed to provide new perspectives and be a source of motivation for positive change.


Bringing Together Sectors and Actors

One of our central goals is to create connections between people and organizations, not just within our sector, but also beyond it. Forward Fest 2024 aims to build bridges to other sectors and actors, creating a network of collaboration and synergy.

Program Highlights

Keynote Speakers

Global experts share insights on today’s challenges and the role of international cooperation.

Panel discussions

Delve into relevant themes with engaging discussions among knowledgeable guests from various sectors.

Interactive workshops

Experience hands-on sessions that challenge you to actively contribute to unraveling global knots.

Join the Movement

Forward Fest 2024 invites you to join the conversation, share your perspective, and collaborate with others to build a future that is fair, inclusive, and interconnected. Explore, learn, and contribute to the change our world needs.

Learn, Share, Inspire

Prepare for a day filled with inspiring lectures, surprising workshops, and professional connections that will not only stimulate your thinking but also touch your heart. This is your chance to learn from leading thinkers, network with like-minded individuals, and actively contribute to a more just world.

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Who organizes Forward Fest?

Forward Fest is organized by 11.11.11, ngo-federation and VLIR-UOS in collaboration with MO* with the support of Belgian development cooperation..


The coalition for international solidarity.

11.11.11 aims to eradicate exploitation from the world. Everyone - anywhere in the world - has the right to a dignified existence. To truly make a change, power and resources must be distributed more fairly, and the current system must be questioned.

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Flemish federation of NGOs for development cooperation.

The ngo-federation represents its members to the federal and other governments, supports the members in their discussions with those governments, promotes cooperation within the sector, and strengthens the quality of NGOs' operations.

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Innovative responses to global and local challenges

VLIR-UOS supports partnerships and scholarships between universities and colleges in both Flanders and the Global South, seeking innovative solutions for global as well as local challenges.

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